Why Own?

We are constantly enhancing our business model to make your business even more successful and profitable.

Since 1992, we have been growing and refining our retail concept, devoting millions of dollars to develop and establish a strong business model. Our honed business practices have been created from 15 years of working with suppliers, franchisees, and customers as well as monitoring competitors while confidently expanding into new areas.

The value of our franchise goes past the surface. As a franchiser, we constantly keep our eyes on the marketplace looking for trends and conditions that may affect our strategies and existing business. By staying focused, we can adjust our route to get where we are going in the most effective way.

Let us share our success with you!

Benefits of Owning

So why own The $1 Store Plus or an Only Deals franchise?

  • Because you can be your own boss, controlling your financial future.
  • Because the dollar store and discount retail market is growing and we are perfectly poised to take advantage of it.
  • Because you can immediately step into a developed, growing and thriving business.

Once you become a franchisee, we will be there to share our expertise with you. Here are some of the features you will enjoy when you acquire one of our franchise stores:

  • training support
  • operational support
  • product support
  • financial guidance
  • real estate and construction support
2007 The $1 Store Plus and Only Deals
120-1821 Wellington Ave.
Winnipeg, MB Canada R3H 0G4