Is Owning a Franchise Right For You?

One word sums up the qualities you will need for success: dedication. You will need to be dedicated when it comes to running your business.

Other qualities you possess that will ensure your success:

  • Committed - You have a strong desire to achieve and the work ethic to back up that desire.
  • Competitive - You have a winning attitude with a need to always be better than the competition.
  • Detail Oriented - You will want to attend to the day-to-day management of your business.
  • Disciplined - You have the ability to deliver consistency everyday in the running of your business while at the same time creating excitement by adding new ideas to your disciplined approach. Running your franchise store with discipline will reinforce its value and ongoing success.
  • Hands on - You are willing to work the hours it takes to succeed with a positive attitude.
  • Hungry for Knowledge - You are willing to learn from our experience and follow our direction.
  • Patience - Success does not come overnight - it takes time.
  • Visionary- You have short-term goals and a long-term vision for success. Your goals and vision match those of Head Office.

Throw a healthy dose of these qualities in with your dedication and you will be on the road to success with the ability to weather any economic climate.

A background in general retailing or grocery store retailing is an asset. You must be financially able to run the business by paying for the business and inventory in full or alternatively, be able to finance the business and inventory with a commitment to pay off the business and inventory before paying yourself.

If you are disciplined committed and a visionary then you should seriously consider applying for a franchise.

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