A Booming Dollar Store Industry


If you are looking to enter the retailing business, the discount retailing sector is where you want to be. It is one of the fastest growing retail sectors in the United States and Canada.

In the United States, dollar and discount store chains are experiencing record breaking sales and growth because they are carrying high quality, everyday consumable products at low prices. These stores appeal to a broad range of customers, covering all income levels.

A combination of high quality with low prices means that customers are not merely bargain hunting. Customers shop at dollar and discount stores regularly for everyday items, deal merchandise and name brand goods - just as they would at the local grocery, department and big box stores.

The discount retail sector is only starting to gain momentum in Canada, with dollar and discount stores opening throughout the country. Canadian stores have not focused on being price competitive on consumable products like their American counterparts. Instead, Canadian stores have typically chosen to build their businesses on impulse items such as toys, gift ware and seasonal merchandise.

Moving beyond just impulse items, The $1 Store Plus and Only Deals® are changing the dollar and discount store landscape in Canada. We are keeping stores clean, overheads low, and using our buying power to offer everyday products including consumables at unbelievable prices.

A winning combination in the Canadian market!

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